Student Exchange Program

Student Exchange Program

Exchange programs are an essential component in building business and leadership experience. The Jerusalem School of Business Administration began its exchange program in 2011 when the school made a strategic decision to abandon its policy of Hebrew-only teaching and switching part of its curriculum to English, enabling foreign students to come and study in Israel.

Exchange agreements already exist with universities in Canada (McGill, HEC Montreal, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Victoria), the United States (Emory), South America (University de Chile), and in the Far East (Peking University, National University of Singapore, and Yonsei University in Korea). Exchange programs such as these not only broaden the educational experience of our students but also provide the Business School and its researchers with unique collaborative opportunities.  The exchange program is based on agreements signed with leading business schools around the world, whereby students spend a semester (or quarter) at a partner school, and in exchange, several students from the partner school spend a semester at The Hebrew University.

In an increasingly internationalized business world, the program provides a wealth of benefits for students. Outgoing students have the opportunity to experience first-hand the business environment and culture in a different country. This is not only an important part of their education, but in many cases has also proven to be a life-changing experience. Students who do not go abroad also benefit through interactions with incoming foreign exchange students. At a time when the global media coverage of Israel is often not very favorable, the personal relationships between Israelis and non-Israelis often determines the crucial difference between go and no-go for international ventures. Both students going abroad and exchange students coming to The Hebrew University become excellent ambassadors of Israel around the world.

About the Exchange Experience

Here’s what our exchange students say about their unique exchange opportunities:

“This has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in my academic experience. This [exchange] is important because we see how business is done on a very practical level and how it’s done around the world. I’ve learned so much from the people I met in Germany and have gained so much knowledge and knowhow. I only have good things to say. Thank you so much for supporting this program”

David Hoffman

“I would like to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to study in Beijing. Thanks to everything I learned and experienced, I now feel capable of working to create business cooperation between Israel and China.”

Harel Pradelsky

“Since I arrived at McGill University, I’ve learned so much. I’ve met people from all over the world, learned about many cultures, and participated in many special events. I’m enjoying every moment and gaining experiences that are really building my future in the business world. Israelis have the ability to change perceptions at many levels and, in addition to the business world, we also contribute to protecting Israel’s name around campus in many unfortunate situations.”

Sivan Mazuz

“I’m on an exchange in the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. One of the best parts of being in exchange is the global experience. Besides studying, I’ve taken upon myself the task of explaining the Israeli side on many relevant issues. One of the most interesting aspects of this semester is studying Canadian businesses and the Canadian culture. This experience is making me much more employable; I am improving my English dramatically, and making invaluable connections. Thank you for your support in making this experience possible”

Adi Ajzenstadt

“Studying in Singapore was a great opportunity. The business studies are very special and unique. We had to build real business products and work on developing them under professional guidance. The studies are very practical and gave me so much.”

Ido Liber