BioMed MBA

The BioMed-MBA program, an MBA program specializing in biomedical management, opened in October 2016 at the Hebrew University. The program is the first and only university program in Israel to date. The program is spread over two years (four semesters) and its curriculum is adapted to working people so the lessons are conducted in a concentrated manner on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

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Biodesign Program

The Asper Center Biodesign Program was founded in 2013, and is a unique program in which fellows from the medical school and graduate students from the engineering and business schools join forces to identify unmet needs for medical devices. Each dedicated group designs and develop solutions for these unmet needs (up to the prototype level), and prepare a business plan that explores the financial potential for these devices.

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MBA Courses

During each academic year, The Asper Center sponsors several mini M.B.A. courses that feature leading scholars from the United States and Canada. 

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