The BioMed-MBA program, an MBA program specializing in biomedical management, opened in October 2016 at the Hebrew University. The program is the first and only university program in Israel to date. The program is spread over two years (four semesters) and its curriculum is adapted to working people so the lessons are conducted in a concentrated manner on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Already in the first year of the 2016-2017 program, 4 new courses were launched at the Business School as part of the program. One year later in 2017-2018, another 7 courses in the program were added. By 2020, three cohorts have completed the program and we have recently launched an additional course in “Digital Health”.

In 2019, we launched the exclusive first in Israel PhD-MBA dual-track with the Faculty of Biotechnology.

The number of students has increased yearly and today we around 100 students on the program.

After 4 years, the BioMed-MBA program's activities include the following achievements:

  • Providing 12 specialized courses to JBS and around 100 active students.

  • Opening a new path to study at the BioMed-MBA program for active students in the Medicine and Dental Faculty, including the medical army reserve program "Zameret".

  • The Israel Medical Association's recognizing the BioMed-MBA program.

  • Actively engaging with the main social sites: LinkedIn, Facebook and MeetUP with many followers.

  • Some of the program's activities have been transferred to the University campus in Rehovot to increase the number of the students who are already studying or working in the area of the Science Park in Rehovot.

  • Approval of the PhD-MBA dual-track with the Faculty of Biotechnology.

  • Raising funds for the program through the BioMed-MBA's friends, which includes several commercial companies that support the program.

  • Encouraging internationalization of the program:

    • Providing at least one course in the program in English

    • Preparing for the opening of an online course in English

    • Collaboration with the StratUp360 International program at JBS to open a new one-year international program called “MED Innovation 360” by 2021

    • Discussion regarding academic collaboration with several universities in North America and Europe

Future Goals:

  • Increasing the number of students in the program while building collaborations with the Weizmann Institute.
  • Open an external directors’ course for leaders in the HealthTech industry.
  • Initiate a new program with the organization ScienceAbroad for returning Israeli scientists which combines MBA studies with a secure working place in Israel.
  • Intention to submit the program for the European funding support program H2020 together with various academic centers in Europe.
  • Integrating the BioMed-MBA program into the new Volvox private accelerator