About The Asper Center

The Asper Foundation, founded by Israel Asper, is an international educational fund that supports education and research in entrepreneurship and business administration. This unique foundation promotes academic and business programs in the areas of entrepreneurship and international business initiatives.

Asper Center Mission Statement

Established in 2001, the mission of The Asper Center at the Hebrew University is to promote Israeli entrepreneurship, by supporting community and academic projects. Building on the entrepreneurial spirit and the social wisdom of the late Israel Asper and his foundation, The Asper Center at the Hebrew University initiates and supports a wide array of programs that contribute to entrepreneurial growth on a multitude of levels. 

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Asper Family – The Asper Foundation

The Asper Center was founded on the tenets of celebrated Canadian entrepreneur Israel Asper (O.C., O.M., Q.C., L.L.D.), a rare visionary in the business world. A unique personality in the business world, Israel Asper was not only a successful entrepreneur; he was also a media mogul, politician, lawyer, and musician, as well as a devoted supporter of Israel and one of the greatest philanthropists in the history of Winnipeg, Canada.

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Asper Center Leadership Team

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